Conditions to place an order:

To place an order, you must first contact our sales department by phone or email, indicating the product and the optional items you want to purchase. We will send you a detailed budget with all its conditions. If you agree with the budget and want to go ahead with the order, you can confirm it by following the indications described in the budget or from the commercial that attends you. You can also simulate the purchase through the web by adding the product to the shopping cart, marking the optional ones that interest you. You must register to complete your data. As soon as you indicate your address, the system will automatically calculate the price of transport. Keep in mind that in general the transport price calculated through the web is usually higher than the price that our sales representatives will calculate manually.

Some of the most important conditions:

  • The merchandise will belong to Wood Ideas Exteriors, SL until full payment of the invoice is made.
  • In the case of late payment of the invoice, 0.5% of the total value of the invoice will be charged for each day of delay.
  • We accept claims submitted in writing within the following 8 hours from the date of receipt as long as the procedures and requirements set forth in this estimate and clearly explained on the second page are met.
  • The client is responsible for having the necessary means to unload the order from the truck (elevator, etc.).
  • DELIVERY PERIOD: When the product is in stock, it is delivered to the agency in 72 hours from the date the payment is made. In case of not having stock, the term is extended from 4 to 8 weeks.

We remind you that the customer is responsible for reviewing the packaging as well as the product it contains; In case of detecting any anomaly, it must be reflected in the delivery note or invoice of the carrier and take photographs that reflect the incident, in addition to keeping a copy. EYE IT IS NOT VALID TO AIM. "EXCEPT FOR EXAMINATION OR PENDING REVIEW" , you must be much more specific including explanatory text. Subsequently, with all the documentation, notify Wood Ideas Exteriors, SL in writing within 8 hours of receiving the package. Wood Ideas Exteriors, SL is not responsible for any incident if this procedure is not carried out.

Payment Methods:

Payment by card or cash would only be accepted if the sale is made in our establishment (in person). In case it is not face-to-face, the payment would have to be made by bank transfer.


If the order is WITHOUT ASSEMBLY:



If the order is WITH ASSEMBLY:



Amount to deposit in: ES75 2100 1963 8602 0010 3699
Entity : BANK CaixaBank
Beneficiary Name: Wood Ideas Exteriores, SL
Payment reference : Indicate the budget number.

General conditions: makes every effort within its means to offer the information contained on the website truthfully and without typographical errors. In the event that at any time an error of this type occurs, at all times beyond the control of, it will be corrected immediately.

  • If there is a typographical error in any of the prices shown and a Client has made a purchase decision based on said error, will notify the Client of said error and the client will have the right to cancel their purchase without any cost. for his part.
  • If there is a typographical error in any of the prices shown, Wood Ideas Exteriors, SL reserves the right not to accept the order.


Clients Responsibility:

  • If the company Wood Ideas Exteriores, SL delivers and assembles the booth, the client has to provide the correct access for material handling and transportation, where the booth will be built. (Dimensions of the crane 8m long and 3m wide). If it is not possible to enter the client's site or the client has not informed the company of Wood Ideas Exteriors, SL, the additional costs of delivery are borne by the client.
  • In the event that the transport cannot unload the material at the assembly point, the client will be in charge of moving the material to the assembly point.
  • The customer has to supply the 220V power socket with 15a. In the event of no electricity, the client must have a 5000 W generator set in the assembly area. If the client has not informed the company Wood Ideas Exteriores, SL, the costs of inactivity in the assembly process will be borne by the client's.
  • In the event that the concrete base has been built by the client, Ideas Exteriores is not responsible for the construction itself, the concrete base must be built according to the plan presented by Wood Ideas Exteriores, SL
  • The concrete base must be leveled with an acceptable unevenness +/- 1 cm. If the base does not meet our standards, Wood Ideas Exteriors, SL will not start the assembly process. Inactivity costs in the assembly process will be borne by the client.
  • If in the assembly process, and due to the client's fault, it is not possible to continue the assembly, and the wood is exposed to environmental influences (rain, wind, sun, humidity, etc.) Wood Ideas Exteriors, SL will not cover the guarantees of said products, and will not be responsible for the house built and delivered. (for example, the client's fault – he does not have the building permits).
  • In the event that the treatment of the wood in the house is carried out by the clients, the clients are warned that said treatment must be carried out in a period between 2 to 15 days after assembly, to protect the wood. If the booth is not painted according to our standards, the booth loses its warranty.
  • The company Wood Ideas Exteriors, SL informs the client that the permits from the City Council for the installation of any booth will be borne by the client. That in this way it is taken for granted and that in any case it is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the client. Likewise, the company will not be obliged to reimburse any money in the event that the client does not comply with these permits.