Our exterior wood decking is the definitive solution to give your home an elegant and natural look, regardless of whether your priority is to buy an IPE, Itauba or Cumaru decking.

Outdoor hardwood floors have unique characteristics . Tropical woods such as IPE, Cumaru or Itauba are the most recommended, since they require little maintenance . They only need one or two coats of oil a year depending on their sun exposure, and sanding is only done once every 7-10 years.

The type of drying of the wood is crucial, and at Wood Design Ideas we work exclusively with KD (Klien Dried) wood. These adapt better in climates with changes in humidity. Among tropical hardwoods, Ipe, especially Tabebuia avellaneda or tabebuia SPP, stands out for its excellent behavior and quality .

Itauba and garapa are also optimal species for outdoor decking, since they are very stable woods, like Ipe, and present minimal expansion and contraction problems . Other species of wood, such as Jatoba, are more suitable for interior floors or carpentry.

Our tropical hardwood decks adapt well to humidity and changing temperatures , making them superior to other options. Even in adverse climates, tropical woods maintain their durability and a more careful aesthetic.

If you are considering buying exterior wood decking, do not hesitate to contact us for prices. Thanks to the characteristics and structure of our company, we can offer you the best outdoor wooden decking at the best price.

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